Wall (an acrostic poem)


Want to hit it so damn badly

And then punch my way through, removing it from my existence

Leaving only dust to witness where the impediment once stood

Letting me race ahead till I find the next…


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Soothe (an acrostic poem)


Surging emotions hit her mental sea wall

Overflowing into her life

Outside she looks like a wet mess

That is just temporary

Her storms will pass and the emotional sea will calm

Eventually, she will dry off and be herself once more


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Fourth Wall (a 50 word story)

“Break the fourth wall in your life,” Sam said.  “Go out and talk to those that are watching you.  Engage them.  Learn something more about your life and world.”

“That sound like great advice,” Bert said.

Bert turns to you.  “So what about it, reader?  What can you tell me?”


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