Plunger (an acrostic poem)


Penelope looked at her kids and shook her head

Loving them was usually so easy, even if they were little witches

Until they broke something.  This time it was the toilet

Now she needed to put on her rubber gloves and pull out her weapon of choice

Going into the bathroom, she stopped in her tracks for a second

Everything was covered!

Readying for her weapon, she battled the summoned demon back down the bowl and flushed.

Clueless (an acrostic poem)

Clark studied the scene in front of him

Little things seemed out of place, but there was no smoking gun

Undeterred, he knew he would crack the case

Eventually, something would click

Leaving the perpetrator unmasked

Every murderer made a mistake, like leaving the murder weapon

Soon as Clark found it he would be one step closer

Sarah sighed when she had to point out the knife in the corpse’s back



Words (an acrostic poem)

Wielding vocabulary like a deadly weapon

Outspoken is an insulting understatement

Really, when she begins to speak you should just bow down

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

So step back and enjoy the show!



Danger (an acrostic poem)

Death, or at least ritualistic suicide, faced Cheryl

Ashton loved his spicy food, and Cheryl had said she would match him

Now she was looking at that pizza slice

Green islands of death floated on gooey cheese

Even the gasses escaping the weapon of taste bud destruction hurt her eyes

Reaching for the hot sauce, Ashton added a healthy dose, smiled, and took a bite

Student of Battle

The battle was about to commence.  Marcus sharpened his weapon in preparation for the conflict to come.  He had prepared for many days now, purging his body of superfluous thoughts.  Marcus studied what would be required from him, going over the motions again and again, trying to build the memories needed to not only survive, but to thrive.  He had to give up so much to be here for this moment.  The future, his future depended on what was going to happen in just a few more hours.  Marcus sharpened his weapon again.  He knew that was just the habit of nervously waiting, but it calmed him to hear the sound of scraping metal.  He cautiously touched the tip and felt like he could draw blood so easily.  Finally he opened the door and entered the room.  Let the physics test commence.