Haze (an acrostic poem)

Image: images.fineartamerica.com/images/artworkimages/mediumlarge/2/frozen-grass-at-hazy-morning-alexkotlov.jpg

How hard it was for him to see far into the distance

And that was the whole reason why he was there

Zany things were in the works, and he needed to know how it would pan out

Except the fortune teller was exclaiming that his future was pretty …

Zzz (an acrostic poem)

Zany hijinks left Harold so tired

Zipping up his sleeping bag he settled down for a good sleep under the sky

Zero sleeps  were to be had since it started to pour and he didn’t have a tent


Image: ctl.s6img.com/society6/img/6IVzf4BJ5mjex_allgzY6LC7jiY/w_700/prints/~artwork/s6-original-art-uploads/society6/uploads/misc/d140b462e7884a198b1739438a09a088/~~/zzzs-in-black-prints.jpg