Bacon (an acrostic poem)


Bring on all that smoked pork awesomeness

And let me eat till I want to oink

Can I get an amen, my piggy people?

Oh you might say I am a hog for engorging myself on the crispy pieces of heaven, and you would be correct

Now that being said, does this desire make me a cannibal?

Plan (an acrostic poem)


Putting together a list of steps

Looking for any fallacies and fixing them

After all of that was complete, he put his scheme into motion

Nothing went right after that.  So much for a good…

Drift (an acrostic poem)

Deep snow waves scalped by winds were strewn across the field

Reaching toward a gray cloudy sky

It made him sick just looking at it

Forcing himself to pick up the shovel once more, he tried to create a path again

That’s when the wind pointed out how futile his efforts were.

Silence (an acrostic poem)×0.jpg×0.jpg

Soundlessly she moved through the hallway

If she was lucky, no one would see her either

Life as a ghost would be so much easier

Everyone would never see you, but the watery image you projected into the real world

Not that she wanted to give them even that.

Couldn’t they make her position remote and never have her speak to anyone?

Entering her classroom she pasted on a smile and said, “Good morning children.”

Scone (an acrostic poem)


Sometimes you need something sweet.

Connie pointed to the orange cranberry pastry and paid for her splurge.

Once seated she dipped it in her coffee and took a bite.

Nothing prepared her for the explosion of signals from her tastebuds.

Everyone in her family preferred biscuits, but she would always be team…

Pillow (an acrostic poem)


Plowing and sowing the world of sleep

It was hard work, but he was a farmer to his soul

Little furrows stretched to the horizon containing the roots of fertile dreams and scream-inducing nightmares

Lying there, waiting to be harvested

Once he was ready and picked them, Morbius would pay him handsomely for this crop

Wait till the slumbering humans were served these delectables!

Charge (an acrostic poem)


Compounding electrons on top of each other as they awaited the start

Hovering for the signal to begin.

And then they were off, arcing down from the sky

Racing electrons superheated the air in their attempt to be the first to the ground

Giving a photo finish as they all crossed the line in a flash

E air clapped at such a magnificent race.  Oh, the spectacle.

Fog (an acrostic poem)


Formless gray extended in all directions

Obsficating everything, and making it all seem alien

Going back to the previous room, she tried to remember why she had gone there. Got to love brain…