Fear (an acrostic poem)

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Focusing on slowing her breath, she struggled to keep running.  They were getting closer.

Everything was a blur, from the initial attack to her jumping out the window.

And to think she had planned on getting hammered off her ass to forget her problems.

Really though, it was more fun trying to hunt those bastards down.  She could almost smell their…

Hope (an acrostic poem)

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He wanted to give her something to hold on to since she was so sad

Only she was so far away

Pulling his heart out of his chest, he sent it to her for comfort

Everything wouldn’t be fixed, but maybe it would give her a small bit of…

Frail (an acrostic poem)

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Finding courage to do the almost impossible mean he had to reach real deep.

Reach into depths he wasn’t sure he had.

And yet, here he was looking straight into the face of this next hurdle.

If he could just take a step forward here, his life would change forever for the good, but could he?

Looking at the parallel bars, he hoisted himself back up on them and tried to get his legs to walk.

Order (an acrostic poem)

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Out of the chaos, a need for organization grew stronger

Reaching for a list and some boxes, the war began

Dedicating time to the battle, slowly the chaos was pushed back

Except they never saw the betrayal that was about to happen

Right at the moment the house was set straight, they had twins and that’s when chaos won

Curls (an acrostic poem)

Image: hairbyebonyandivory.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/2501802416850925188.jpg

Cute ringlets cascaded from his fingers

Under the moonlight they looked like the most delicate chains

Realizing he was as captive to her now as if those were real chains around his wrist

Looking into her eyes he knew he never wanted parole from this sentence

She smiled that cute little smile of hers and said…

Mast (an acrostic poem)

Image: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/81/USRC_Salmon_P_Chase_-_LoC_4a25817u.jpg

Majestic wooden boats used to sail the seven seas in search of adventure and money

And of those two, money was the more important

So when the age of steam dawned on technology’s horizon, those great ships could see their time sunsetting

That’s when the magic died and shipping became not an adventure, but a commodity, a rich one.

Expense (an acrostic poem)

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Everything was costing more than it should

X-rays to find the multiple fractures

Painkillers for the concussion and lacerations

Even had to pay for the blood transfusion

Now he was watching more of his money drip into his veins via his IV.

So how had it come to this?

Everything started when he told his ex he would pay child support over his dead body…

Wind (an acrostic poem)

Whispers called to her aching heart from the breeze playing with her hair

It promised her more than she ever hoped for

Nothing would come of it. It was just the murmurs of zephyrs

Didn’t matter though, because it gave her hope, and she wouldn’t let that blow away

Boil (an acrostic poem)

Image: static.sciencelearn.org.nz/images/images/000/000/664/full/OBW_TEA_ACT_01_WaterSolidLiquidGas_BoilingPot.jpg

Being forced to sit and listen to their inane chatter almost made steam come out of her ears

Of all the places on Earth she could be, here she was wanting to scream for release

It took all her self-control not to just explode

Looking at her face, though, you could see her face turn a brighter red than a lobster left too long at a…

Monks (an acrostic poem)

Image: detroitcatholic.imgix.net/mcn/2016/01/838-FRONT-COVER-monks.jpg

Monastery life was not for him.

Orders were like frats in his book, and he had had enough of them in college.

Now instead of hazing, there were vows of silence and all these prayer times.

Knowing he would get three square meals a day made it all worthwhile, though.

So he signed on the dotted line.  Wait till they found out he was an atheist.