Night (an acrostic poem)

Now as the sunlight faded, her primal emotions rose up within

Instincts kicked in, sending her towards home

Going as fast as she could while the nocturnal awoke around her

Hoots and howls, coupled with leaves rustling from passing animals

To think, this wasn’t a forest but Brooklyn

Trust Me (an acrostic poem)

Testing the ice, Margo tapped the surface while holding onto the rail

Realizing imminent doom was not forthcoming she took a small step

Utilizing her amazing reflexes, she managed not to hit her head as she flipped

Steve stifled a laugh till he asked if she was okay as he reached out to help

Taking his hand, she pulled him down next to her.  Margo preferred ice sitting


Making a show of it, Steve stood back up and held out his hand

Even though she wanted to pull him again, Margo didn’t.  She was rewarded with a kiss