Lost Soul (an acrostic poem)

Looking over the remains of the party

Oscar shrugged his sore shoulders

So much carnage strewn across the living room

Too many people had been in too small a space


Still he had better start cleaning up

Olivia would be coming back in a couple of days and she would be pissed

Unless he started soon, she would see the mess he made

Lifting up his shovel he began disposing the bodies





Challenge (an acrostic poem)

Calls from the crowd spurred Thomas on

He lifted the heavy spear and prepared for the gate to swing open

Already the growls of the beast contained behind made the spearhead quiver

Looking to the man to his left, Thomas wondered if he would be any help

Little chance of that as the man pissed himself

Entering the arena, the lion roared in pain and anger

Now was his chance.  Thomas swung the butt of his spear at the knee of the man

Giving a yell, the man collapsed to the ground, and the lion was on him immediately

Eager to press his advantage, Thomas plunged his spear through the two of them

Phoenix (an acrostic poem)

Proposing starting over again

Heaven knows I didn’t want to stop before

Only I did, and the site became fallow

Everything began to crumble

Now it will rise from the ashes

I will tackle my words and make each letter my own

Xcept that darned X!  It’s so difficult!!!


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