Female Attention

The warm Caribbean waters lap at my toes as I take another sip of my mango and rum smoothie.  I turn to my right and am blinded by the beauty of Scarlett Johansson once again.  I trace my fingers up her arm, and she smiles, licking her lips.  “You are the sexiest man I know,” Scarlett says as she takes my hand and begins to move it toward her bikini top.  “I want you,” she says.

I put my drink down since my other hand wants to get in on the deal.  Scarlett practically purrs.  “Daddy?” she asks.  “Daddy, wake up.”

I slip back into the waking world, my libido not liking that decision.  I find my hand in Lisa’s as she is trying to pull me from my bed.  “Daddy, there is a monster in my room,” Lisa says.

“You just need to go potty,” I say.  “Go to the bathroom, and then get back to bed.”  Lisa scampers out of the room.  I turn back over and spoon my wife.  She murmurs in support and cuddles in.  I’m thinking this might not be so bad after all.  I let my hands drift around and feel my wife slowly respond.  I slip her night shirt up a bit when I feel the bed shift and a pair of cold feet touch the base of my back.

“Lisa,” I hiss.  “I thought I told you to go potty.”  My wife rolls away from me and shudders, or maybe she is laughing.  I can’t tell which.

“I did Daddy,” Lisa says.  “But I’m still scared.”  She cuddles in even tighter.

I realize what I need to do, or else I am going to have her in my bed for the rest of the night.  That was definitely not going to be on docket for tonight.  Daddy needs a bit of female attention.  “Okay Lisa, let’s go to your room.  I’ll scare away the big bad monster.”

Lisa gives me a kiss on my back.  “Thank you, Daddy,” she says.  She then gets up and waits right next to the bed.

I roll to the edge of the bed and lean in close to Lisa.  “You need to move for me to get up,” I say.  She giggles and moves out of my way.  I get up and take her hand.  I walk her down the hallway and to her room.  I throw on the light switch looking at Lisa’s face.  “See, no monsters,” I proclaim proudly.

Lisa’s face beams at the proclamation, and she runs over to her bed and flops down on it.  “You were right, Daddy.  No monsters,” she says as she snuggles down into her covers.

I look around her room and freeze, my heart falling through the floor.  Lisa’s window is open!  I move over to her window as I hear a car drive away.  The ladder I keep in the backyard is up against the window outside.  I try to keep calm as I close the window and lock it.  “You know what?” I say, “Why don’t you sleep with Mommy and me tonight?  It will be a special treat.”

Lisa looks up from under her covers.  “Really?” she asks.

I paste a smile onto my face.  “Really.  Won’t that be neat?” I ask.

Lisa is out of her bed in a heartbeat.  I sweep her up into my arms and give her a long hard hug.  “I love you kid,” I say.

Lisa buries her face into my chest.  “I love you too, Daddy,” she says.

I carry her back to my bedroom to sleep in my arms.  It’s not the female attention I want, but it is the attention I need right now.

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