Plate (an acrostic poem)


Putting down the platter in front of her

Lisa pondered what was going to happen to her next

All that Googling and research, but in the end, it always came down to a coin flip

Tails and she would die from the poison there in front of her, okay, maybe that was a bit strong, but…

Everyone watched as she ate. She smiled. It seemed to be gluten-free. Heads it is!

Coin (an acrostic poem)


Can’t find the right currency to buy your love

Oh, I’ve tried to earn your interest

I just can’t make heads or tails of what you really want and

Now you’ve left me emotionally bankrupt

Flip (an acrostic poem)


Feeling like a coin spinning through the air

Listing endlessly from heads to tails and back again

It makes for an uncomfortable situation and fills those around you with apprehension.

Perhaps instead of chocolate or vanilla soft serve,  you might settle on your edge, twist!



Relationships Decoded

After his seventh bowl of Captain Crunch, Dave looked up with his milk filled beard, “What do you think, Honey?” he asked.  He put on his craziest expression.  “I’m a cereal killer.”

“That’s surreal!” exclaimed Honey.  “More like a werewolf looking for his Milkbone.”  She tossed Dave a towel.  “Or maybe a fulfilled lap dog.”  She imitated a dog drinking water.

“Funny girl,” he garbled as he wiped his face clean, “but that skill might someday translate into some money.”

Honey crossed her arms.  “Really, and how are you going to do that?  Suing the Captain for his treasure chest and secret decoder ring?”

Dave threw the towel into her face.  “Competitive eating,” he said.  “They can make some nice coin I heard.”

Honey threw the towel back at Dave, which he moved to block, but missed it entirely.  It landed with great fanfare on top of his head.  “As long as you don’t have to catch the food, maybe you have a chance,” she said.

Dave removed the towel from his head.  “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he said.  He looked at the cereal box sitting next to him.  “Now can I fit in one more bowl?”

“You know I know you really just want the decoder ring,” Honey said.

“Well, maybe,” Dave said reaching for the box.

Before he snagged it, Honey grabbed it and walked away from the table.  “Too slow,” she said as she disappeared down the hallway.

Dave reached into his pocket and removed the ruby red ring with the obligatory blue dial as its precious stone.  “Nope,” he said as he rubbed slowly his distended belly, “too full.”